Family Law Services

Your Campbell River Family Lawyer

At the office of Grant Currie, we specialize in all matters arising from the breakdown of your relationship, including divorce, custody access and guardianship, child and spousal support and division of assets.

The Need to Prepare

Regardless of the circumstances, you and your loved ones will experience dramatic lifestyle changes in the event of a separation or divorce. These changes can include the establishment of new residences, enrolment of the children in new schools, custody and visitation rights to adhere to, and monetary or asset-related distributions to make. There may also be other matters to tend to that may not occur to you while you are in the midst of this major life change, and that’s when Grant can be a real asset, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Grant’s experience with thousands of these matters can be instrumental in helping you make the right decisions. Let Grant Currie help you navigate these murky waters successfully, so the process flows smoothly for everyone involved.

Our Commitment

Grant takes the concerns of his clients extremely seriously, and we promise to give our best effort to the goal of reaching a beneficial settlement that will be both right and fair for you and those who depend on you. If necessary, Grant has a demonstrated history as a highly effective courtroom lawyer.